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Last updated: 7th February 2019


Cricket was introduced in BKSP in the year 1987. Over the years thisdepartment has grown and has performed brilliantly in variouscompetitions. In terms of trainees strength, number of coaches andsports infrastructure, this is one of the largest department of theinstitute. Besides an indoor cricket center, this department has fourcricket fields. The performance of the cricketers has been praiseworthy.170 cricket players of this department have participated in internationaland national level competition in senior as well as different age groupjunior  level competitions. In national competition, BKSP has been 13times champion and 7 times runner up. Four trainee of this departmenthave been selected to represent Bangladesh in the U-19 Youth WorldCup. BKSP has been admitting trainees for women cricket since 2008and good numbers of girls trainees are performing in the women cricketcamp. At present BKSP is also taking part in the Dhaka PremierDivision Cricket League.First from of cricket was played in the thirteenth century in England, although definite written refereencewas discovered in a manuscript dated 16th January 1598. The first 'Test' match was layed between England and Australia in famous Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia in IM 71 Bangladesh was awarded associated membership by ICC, the governing body of cricket, on 27\h July 1977 and subsequently qualified for the World Cup 2000 by virtue of winning the EC Trophy in 1997. In the following years came the ODI status and the much waited victory ■gainst Pakistan and Scotland in the World Cup 1999. On 26th June 2000 Bangladesh was fomoted as full member of ICC and became the 10th 'Test' playing country. In the game of cricket there are two groups of players having eleven players each. Each side shall play under a Captain who, before the toss, shall nominate his players who may not thereafter be changed without the consent of the opposing captain. If a captain is not available at any time on the field, lh»» Vice Captain must act for him to deal promptly with points arising during the play. Substitutes shall be allowed, by right, to field only for such players who may, during the match, D* in-capacitated by illness or injury. A player may bat, bowl or field even though a substitute MB played for him previously. A runner shall be allowed for a batsman who during the match is Incapacitated by illness or injury. The player acting as runner shall be a member of the batting 'lido. The player acting as a runnerfor an injured batsman shall wear batting gloves and pads Rn Is worn by the insured batsman. No fielder shall leave the field or return during session of |ilny without the consent of the umpire at the bowlers end. The duration of a test match is 5 ilnys The one day matches are played for limited overs. The maximum number of overs is 50 m ono day matches. Depending upon the time available for play, the number of overs may be ipiluced. In case the umpires feel that a team cannot bowel a miinimum